Pascin ExpertiseBienvenue / Welcome


Self-portrait, Paris 1908

The authentication Committee from the Pascin board is created on his own initiative.

Its purpose is to make qualified experts examine works attributed to Pascin which will be submitted to it by any concerned person.

To submit a work to the Pascin Board you should send a photo , with its measurements and all the corresponding information available with  the caller, by mail to the Board address, or by E-mail.

To have lead to the Committee works survey the payment of a financial share to the Pascin Board is required.

The Président, or the Vice-Président, determines the share amouint depending on the applicant personality and on the potential value of the work.

An estimate of the financial share will be sent after receiving the request and the photo of the work.

As soon as the agreement is received by the Commission, the request will be handled.

The Committee undertakes, not on any account, to reveal information, confidential or not, it would be aware of, for any right, to any  person outside the Commission activities.